Labor Provider for Sprinkler Co

We are experienced in a wide range of environments. We have done commercial work ranging from fast moving jobs such as: Wal-Marts, Lowes, and Home Depots, to other jobs such as: office buildings, mini-malls, and warehouses.

We have also done industrial jobs ranging from yeast plants, car manufactures, airplane hangers and drive train plants, as well as a variety of others.

And to add to the last of our list, we have done government jobs and state jobs including: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, universities and prisons.

We have experience in wet and dry, foam, deluge, and pre-action systems; also fire pumps (diesel and electric).

I believe we can satisfy your needs for manpower and experience. We believe in quality at a fast pace to meet the job satisfaction. Also, we would give you a hard price to turn key a building on the right job for the right price.

For more information and pricing, contact Jay Fletcher or Jimmy Ramsey today at or call 865-357-1927