Construction zones are known as areas that are full of potential hazards. Common construction zone hazards include falling objects, electrocution, excavation accidents, asbestos, general machine hazards, automobile accidents, etc. The list literally goes on and on. The job of construction involves a lot of equipment, tools, and motorizedconstruction-safety-signs vehicles, and the risk for injury increases with the expanded usage of such materials. A common and effective method for helping deter adverse events in construction includes the utilization of signage. Construction signs often feature pictograms to help make the message meaningful to everyone. One of the benefits of using of pictograms is that it allows employees and other people to quickly glance and understand the potential hazard without having to actually “read” the sign.

Common Construction Signs

There are many different signs that can be used in construction to convey different safety messages. It depends upon the type of construction and the materials and tools that are in use that help to decide which signs would be most appropriate. Construction signs may be used in road construction, home construction, commercial building construction, and basically any other type of construction situation. Most construction signs feature the color combination of an orange background with black lettering or a yellow background with black lettering. Let’s review a few of the common signs used in construction.

· This type of construction sign is often used when there is a risk for falls. This sign could be applicable in any type of construction situation, especially when employees are working on or around scaffolding, ledges, or on uneven surfaces.

· When this type of construction sign is used, it often means that there are general construction-related activities in process. It basically means that there people are working and building and to use caution.

· This is a caution sign that requires employees as well as any visitors to wear a hard hat to protect their heads from injury. When this sign is seen, there may be hazards such as falling objects in the area.

· This sign means just what it says, “Road work ahead.” This type of construction sign is commonly seen exclusively with road-related construction, and warns drivers to use caution as they will soon be entering a road construction zone ahead.

· This type of construction sign is often utilized in roadways when there is either road construction or building construction that impedes the general usage of a road. This sign features a pictograph of a person holding a sign or flag and warns drivers that there is a flagger ahead and to slow down and drive with extra caution.


Construction Signs Make a Difference!

Work zones and construction areas that feature the use of construction safety signage enjoy a higher level of safety for employees, visitors, drivers, and for the general public as a whole. However, it is important to choose the right sign for the message and to be as specific as possible. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to simply use a general construction sign (the sign with the person digging) to convey the risk of a fall hazard. If a fall hazard is present, the correct sign should be used to indicate that specific hazard. Safety signs can really make a difference between a safe and unsafe construction zone.